Harvest Home's Activity Department

The activities department at Harvest Home is focused on each person in our care and meeting their physical, cognitive, and psychosocial needs.  A few examples of activities in the following areas are:

Physical – daily group exercises, active games, physical therapy, outings, dance, walking club, etc.

Cognitive – brain fitness activities, learning sessions, trivia and reminisce activities, current events, etc.

Psychosocial – spiritual readings and services, expressive arts, musical events and activities, fine arts, discussion groups, outings, special events, etc.

We have three scheduled group activities a day and many personalized ones throughout the day.

What sets Harvest Home’s Activity Program apart from other facilities is the following:

  1.  8 residents : 1 Activity Director and 1 Activity Assistant (in our dementia facility we have additional caregivers as well)
  2. Individualized activity plans, and daily logs focused on their personal interests, abilities, and history
  3. Separate or small outings – we are able to accommodate for residents to make it a personalized outing or smaller with only a few. We are also able to do more outings.
  4. With country outdoor views and areas to enjoy and go on walks with an aid or activity assistant.
  5. Caregivers who are Certified Dementia Specialists.
  6. A separate Dementia Activity Program and secured buildings for those with dementia
  7. Events and bringing in entertainers can be a cozier setting with better seating, and less agitating for those with dementia
  8. We are able to really make their birthday an important day with only 8 residents – it becomes a “family” birthday party.
  9. Our homes really look more like a home – making it easier for residents to adapt and to continue if they wish to do the same things they would at home. Doing things that help them feel purposeful, and have pride in accomplishing something they want to do, and in a safe manner.
  10. We have a party and/or entertainment every other month.
  11. Harvest Home is a Christian home with dinner devotions, prayers before the meals, and a place that when possible provides continued fellowship with each residents’ church.

Come take a tour to see our current activity calendar and what we are doing today!